System 5

System 5: Delivering Comprehensive IT Solutions for 30 Years

We deliver predictable availability by combining 30 years’ IT solutions experience, in-depth knowledge of best-of-breed technologies, and a team that is dedicated to driving business productivity and profitability.

Best-of-breed IT technologies and services for medium and corporate enterprises

Microsoft Gold PartnerWe look after your digital assets, freeing you up to focus on what matters most: running your business. From manufacturing to commercial services and everything in between. We have the expertise to assist businesses of any size across a range of sectors. 

We offer best-of-breed hardware and software technology solutions, ensuring optimal and reliable system performance.

  • Support Services

    Support Services

    Fast, efficient IT support from solutions architecture and provisioning, to ongoing support services.
  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    Safeguard your data and ensure that your systems continue to run, even in the event of a failure.
  • Cloud Services

    Cloud Services

    Improve your organisation’s agility and strengthen your business continuity measures with our cloud offering.
  • Mail Archiving

    Mail Archiving

    Managed mail archiving solutions to protect your business-critical information.
  • IT Security

    IT Security

    Protect your network from end-to-end against the threat of cyber-attacks and potential downtime.
  • Connectivity


    Reliable, high-speed internet connectivity throughout your organisation.

Dependable IT partners who take action

We specialise in comprehensive, outsourced IT support services specifically tailored to your needs. Our infrastructure supply services include architecture, procurement, set-up, and implementation of all your hardware and software requirements.

Your business will also receive on-going support from our dedicated team of experts. Each member of our team is driven to deliver predictable availability. They take swift, decisive precautionary and responsive action to keep your business wheels turning. You won’t have to ask for a thing. Just enjoy high-performing, readily available services at all times.

Committed IT services supported by energetic, results-driven staff. Our tight-knit team of IT experts personally test and endorse every product we offer.

We can supply remote support where you have direct access to our team, avoiding frustrating call centre interactions. For corporates that require in-house IT management, we can also place the perfect resource, who understands the complexities of your business and has the specialised skills needed to maintain your IT systems entirely.


Contact us  to find the perfect IT solution for your business needs.