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How to make Business Data Valuable

How to make Business Data ValuableYour approach to data storage and data managementstorage and data management is a key feature of informed decision-making. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the data is relevant.

From pre-empting clients’ needs, focusing product development on market gaps, ensuring employees know how much you value them, to forecasting trends. The way you employ your business data is entirely up to you but utilizing your data supply for its potential - is the future of doing business successfully. 

However, not all data is of true value to your business. Here is a concise guide as to how one can refine Business Data to be pure gold.

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Data Distribution without Compensation

Data distribution without compensationThe recent tweets of the American president have brought South Africa to the forefront of headlines internationally. It wasn’t a good news story but focused on murder rates and forced property acquisition.

Civil unrest and safety in RSA have long grabbed attention outside our borders and within. While the spotlight has sometimes been needed to amplify a cry for change, at other times it has been used to manipulate public opinion, for politicking purposes, or fear-mongering.

The world at large watches as we develop into a new young democratic nation and is quick to jump on our vulnerabilities and even exploit our statistics to bolster self-serving arguments. South Africa has a global reputation for crime – what would make front page news overseas is simply a common occurrence in parts of South Africa.

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State Capture: An IT report

oct2018Data Protection & Security…

The South African State is a system that has been badly compromised.

In the ongoing inquiry into the Gupta State Capture scandal more details of the depth and extent of the misuse and manipulation of the official political network is being brought into the light.

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