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Smart Tech - The Joys and Woes

The smart new world is emerging, whether we embrace it or not. Evolving technology continues to expand the definition of what qualifies as ‘Smart Technology’. While some argue that the ‘smart’ label is applied too flippantly, and over-used as easy fodder for marketers seeking to sell.

The fact remains that technology is continually being enhanced. Without engaging in the debate on what exactly deserves the label of SmartTech, we can all agree that the horizon of what is possible is always changing. Some tech evolutions are clear natural progressions while others are widely inventive. Both are exciting and within both is the potential for joy and woes.

The Start of Smart

The world’s first mechanical computing systems performed difficult mathematical equations and assisted with valuable encryption services around the time of WWII. Technically, they didn’t do anything that humans couldn’t do already. What they did do was cut the human-power needed down as they could compute the complex calculations quicker – which saved time, an invaluable asset.

The power of computing increased while device size decreased. When the technology of flat-screens & touch-screens became readily accessible, it translated into rapid adoption. Mobile phones are the devices that first conjured the SmartTech label. From ‘wowing’ the world with an initial ability to connect to the internet they have now become incredibly versatile in untapping potentials of the internet.

Today’s Smart World

These days the Smartest Tech goes further than itself or its user. It is able to plug-in to the Internet of Things (IOT) and communicates with other devices! As the IOT becomes ever more integrated in our world, more and more things can be created to be SmartTech. Word choice aside, SmartTech is not going away. Devices, items, watches, houses, offices, you name it – the way we do things, life, and business is getting Smart by using network systems & rapid communication of data.

Benefits of Going Smart

SmartTech offers a host of benefits to individuals and potentially the Earth including:

  • Reducing Energy Waste
  • Monetary Savings
  • Enhanced Monitoring and Security Options
  • Convenience i.e. saving time through the efficiency of well-designed systems
  • Health and Wellness Optimizations
  • Educational Tools & Access
  • Increased & Global Communication Options

Too Smart?

Smart Technology induction also raises new issues that must be navigated, including concerns regarding:

  • Minimal Privacy
  • Emerging Cyber Security Concerns
  • Less physical activity i.e sedentary lifestyle’s health consequences
  • Negative Effects on Social Behavior

Smart for Business

Beyond the role of SmartTech in the daily life of the individual; businesses also have new options to contemplate. There is no question that companies stand to gain from SmartTech.

The options are multiple and far-reaching; covering everything from understanding, analyzing, extending reach, interacting with your customer base to streamlining production or ensuring maximum employee productivity. In truth, there are even more possibilities, we just need to be wildly imaginative & then use our intellect to engineer the ideas into feasible solutions to making business & the standard of living even better!

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