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It Products & Services For Businesses In The Future

Predictions for what will be possible in the IT world of the future range from logical extrapolations to wild speculation. A glance backwards can leave one amazed by speed of progression and the global adoption of technologies. Less than 20 years ago the Internet had an estimated mere 16 million users worldwide.

Email accounts were uncommon and social media platforms had not yet been invented.Today there are an estimate 3.57 billion Internet users!

When you consider what might be possible for your small or medium sized business in the years to come, IT Infrastructure will no doubt play a role in how business is conducted.

Technology Imperative

Companies now understand that incorporating and integrating available technology is not only advantageous but virtually an imperative to be relevant in today’s market.

System 5 presents a range of completely scalable solutions for every sized business; from precise targeted solutions to robust comprehensive full-scale packages that leverage multiple products & fail-safe systems. System 5 offers the best modern technology applicable for your business today so that your company is ready to have the competitive edge of tomorrow!

Predicted Tech on the Horizon

  • Increased Automation: Automating technology has a growing foothold in many thriving small and medium sized businesses. It can positively impact interfaces with customers, employees & pragmatic IT equipment. Analysts predict that in the future many more tasks will be automated – a development which hopefully will take some of the mundane out of the workplace. At best, it frees up employees to focus on tasks that human’s will always do best.
  • More Remote Office Workers: The trend of expanding the modern office beyond a set physical workspace is expected to continue. Advances in communication-tech now allow team members to collaborate from various locations around the globe. IT Services will be required to design Digital Offices & Virtual Platforms that cater the individual structure of each business, their business operations & their employees.
  • Expansion of the Internet of Things: As mentioned above, office automation & SmartOffices will be globally adopted as more case studies proving their value are published, products & services will become more refined. It is predicted that the Smartphone will remain the central hub of the IoT i.e. one will use their Smartphone as the “remote” for the system of multiple interconnected devices. IT Services will be required to design user friendly app interfaces that allow for devices to be added to the system & device integration i.e. the ease of communication between the devices whilst at all times maintaining network security. IT Services will also be tasked to design systems that allow devices to interact with one another in new ways, which will necessitate intelligent data management design,
  • Big Data: The power of big data continues to be revealed. New ways of storing and mining it are consistently coming onto the scene. Businesses today simple won’t be able to ignore the value of their data in the future and the sheer volume of data being generated will necessitate practical storage solutions. Archiving that complies with legal industry rules and privacy regulations will be required if not compulsory. IT Services will be required to manage client’s business data securely & refine the data to become information to the client.
  • More Cloud: Cloud Services have grown substantially for both consumers and corporate clients. In the future there is likely to be a greater trend of “Pay-for-what-you-use” i.e. only when resources within The Cloud are accessed will clients be billed, digital office platforms coupled with remote-office workers, and an increase in data management & data protection services.

The Power of Potential

The value bestowed by future technologies on the businesses that adopt them are exponential. Technology will shift small and medium sized business from a StartUp-status to being industry disrupters – as consumer analytics & market reach will allow for greater business agility. Businesses will be able to grow quicker than ever before.