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Hierarchy Of IT Needs

No matter the size of your business or the industry you work within, there is a Hierarchy of IT needs necessary to operate. 

The IT you depend on for daily business must be reliable while simultaneously allowing for growth and innovation as your business and its needs develop.

Beginning with the basics you build upwards. To be competitive within the market & for business continuity, all 5 elements must be taken into consideration. 

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Connectivity
  • Security
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

From conception to implementation, System 5 delivers IT services & products to build your business foundation and future on, here’s how.

Business IT Hardware Requirements:

Hardware is requisite, from kitting-out work terminals to portable devices for work on-the-go, from onsite servers to data storage systems. System 5 has competitively priced hardware to get you started or for upgrading & expansion. System 5 also presents the option to rent Hardware as a Service. I.e. rent the equipment you need. This saves capital expenditure and means that you do not have to budget for IT maintenance; as in the event of failure – any lemons are replaced quickly and seamlessly as part of the service.

Business IT Software Requirements:

Software powers the hardware train. Capital outlay costs for business licenses or specialized software packages can be pricey! Thankfully, alternatives are available. System 5 provides Software as a Service & Cloud-based Software Services. Pay only for what you need and use. Eliminate security risks from outdated software and maximize efficiency with user-friendly applications. System 5 guarantees that software stays up-to-date at no extra cost with updates performed outside of business hours such that you and your employees never have to waste time waiting for updates to be completed.

Connectivity Requirements for Businesses:

With hardware and software sorted, you can boast operational workstations that are ready to be brought together. Connectivity runs upstream and downstream, it is the powerful current that streamlines your business operations.

Your business relies on an effective and secure internal communication capacity and the ability to interact seamlessly with external providers, suppliers, and clients. System 5 facilitates the creation of your internal business network and can secure it. We supply connectivity to keep you online 100% of the time, going full speed. System 5 also offers email archiving solutions to manage communication filing and storage needs so you can access exactly what you need without delay.

Business Network Security Requirements:

Protect your assets. System 5 delivers an extensive range of products and services to protect hardware, software, systems, and valuable company data. Solutions include employee user profile configurations to mitigate internal risks whilst firewalls, endpoint protection & encryption offers protection from external risks such as malware and ransomware. We also provide anti-theft measures including protection via the remote swiping of portable devices if need be.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Requirements for Businesses:

An essential element on the IT hierarchy. Preparedness with Backup and Disaster Recovery is absolutely vital to achieving business continuity! Disasters happen and the only way to prevent them from causing a rippling crisis is regular, scheduled, tested, secure, and complete backups being ready and available when the inevitable occurs.

Having a planned and practiced Disaster Recovery strategy ready to roll insures that company data can be immediately uploaded. System 5 professionals ensure that you are ready and can weather any storm with zero downtime. Our offerings include Backup & DR Systems, Cloud Services, and personalized plans that reflect your priorities.