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Valuable Features To Add To Your Business IT Network

System 5 understands your need to maximize business productivity, ensure connectivity, protect resources, and keep business operations functioning without interruption.

We partner with industry leaders to provide a range of services, software, and products. Pick and choose with the help of our experts who can design a package that is customized to your business.

Quick Overview - Here of some of System 5’s most in-demand features and products.


Powerful data protection. Arcserve software and products cover many different features and cater especially to small and medium size business. They make data migration, backup & replication (tape, disc, or cloud), system testing and restoration simple and straightforward. 


Security software/hardware specialists. Sophos provides network, device, mobile, and communication security and encryption tools and services to ensure medium sized businesses have access to high-tech comprehensive unified threat management – this is especially useful with a mobile workforce.

Office 365

Productivity, cost effectiveness, and ease of access. Office 365 offers a number of functions and services. Email, Cloud Storage, Office Applications, Updates for improved security & performance, and other Tools can be accessed through one online portal on nearly any device. The pay-as-you-go and as-need basis of Software as a Service gives tremendous flexibility to your IT Budget.


Comprehensive anti-virus software designed for the professional environment. The ESET package includes mobile, mail, and network security, encryption services, anti-malware, anti-spam, anti-theft and firewall protection, as well as OS diagnostic and anti-stealth capabilities. ESET also offers administrator’s central control of its software across an entire network via the remote management console.

Mail Archiva

Tools to facilitate the safe storage, searchability, and simple retrieval of electronic business communications. Policy-based archiving can intelligently sort and index thousands of emails effectively and tier their storage by taking into account applicable legal regulations. Freed from dependence on each employee / individual within a system acting; archiving and access becomes hassle-free and no longer requires high-capacity physical storage devices. Archiving protects valuable data and prevents regulatory non-compliance.


Geared toward protecting business communication continuity. Mimecast offers integrated infrastructure on which to manage all things email security related. Including cloud storage, fast and reliable access, quick syncing and easy data migration, advanced archiving, risk management and threat elimination. Mimecast is focused on keeping sensitive valuable company information secure, backed-up, and accessible so your business runs un-interrupted.


South African based experts in endpoint data protection solutions. Cibecs is centered on protection, prevention, and system and data security. Cibecs allows IT to centrally manage backup and recovery without disrupting system users. Encryption, remote wiping, and other protection features allow for peace of mind against malware or other cyber threats and ensure compliance with industry legal requirements.