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Reasons Why Medium-Sized Businesses Should Invest In Enterprise-Level DR

Previously, Medium-sized Businesses were caught in-between IT Service offerings: small business solutions were too weak & severely limited “room-for-growth”; & Enterprise-level solutions were inaccessible due to cost. Furthermore, Enterprise-level offerings were simply unsuitable due to their scale & rigidness – there was no option of tailoring-to-fit.

System 5 overcomes these hurdles: making enterprise-level IT Services available to Medium-sized business.

Redefining what is Possible

The efficiency, security and peace of mind provided by Enterprise-Level solutions are not to be understated.

The Ultimate in IT & a Balanced Budget too!

We know that budgets fluctuate yearly, quarterly, and sometimes even monthly. This is why we offer the advantage of agile and scalable solutions. These are flexible to take into consideration your annual turnover, changing number of employees, and capital assets. Built for Your Business: don’t pay for products, subscriptions or services that you don’t want or need. Contracts can be renegotiated and altered to accommodate the market flow, expansion, or redirection.

Eliminate Unnecessary Risk Exposure

Limited resources mean recovering from a disaster could keep you offline or out of the game long enough to lose your up-and-coming bright future. We acknowledge the negative effects that topple companies failing to evaluate and asses their risks without a viable Disaster Recovery plan tested and ready for action. As established professionals leading in the IT Industry both in South Africa and abroad we know the practical importance of mitigating risks.

Protection from Security Breaches & Human Error

Cyber Crime continues to target businesses. You can bet that criminals are utilizing cutting-edge tech to their advantage. A malicious attack can not only disruption business operations, it can downright bring it to a halt. Business Continuity & Profits can be compromised without long-term vision IT Systems.

Human error &/ ignorance is often the weak link that exposes your business to malware and hackers – here is an article to help educated your employees regarding how they can prevent Ransomware from entering your Business Network.

Defend your Data

Data is a valuable asset. Device failures, weather phenomenon, as well as inconsistent, insufficient, or faulty Backup Systems can mean that when the inevitable crisis happens valuable data is gone forever. Everything from accounting figures, confidential client information, and proprietary business plans can disappear or be destroyed – there are solutions that mitigate the risk of losing a day’s trading. Depending on legal requirements for those in your field of work, inaccessible, improperly archived, or lost data could translate into fines and legal woes.

Storage that defends your data should be suited to your modus operandi, regularly tested, and religiously scheduled.

Custom Fit for a Perfect Fit

System 5 makes securing your future and keeping it secure simple. Our individually structured plans are created accordingly to your business’s demands, capacity and requirements. No wide-scale recommendations, no pre-determined box, no cookie-cutter approach. System 5 offers you a truly custom fit. Tailored to perfection, a perfect fit for your business today and ready to evolve for tomorrow.

  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Practical
  • Pocket-friendly