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IT Security Solutions Matter

In years past South Africa businesses were able to avoid being specifically targeted by cyber criminals but times have changed. The threats are no longer ‘out there’, they are hitting hard here at home.

Last year System 5 responded to a sharp increase in attacks that were devastating to businesses that had left themselves unprepared. Treating data as an asset is no longer something to take with a cavalier approach. If you want to stay in business it is time to evolve and take IT System, Backup and Security as an imperative part of your business continuity plan.

If you have not taken any steps to secure your system it is no longer a question of ‘if’ disaster happens ‘when’ as it is only a manner of time before an unscrupulous criminal discovers and sets about to exploit your vulnerabilities. This is true even if you are a small or medium sized business. Ransomware, malware, and invasive hackers have only one intention; to poach data, infiltrate and ransack systems. To neglect to arm yourself with prevention measures is to expose your profits and your future to the risk of being hi-jacked.

System 5 is an industry leader

In the recent fluctuating market our experts realize that it can be a challenge to commit and earmark the budget to take Data Storage, System Safety, and Data Security seriously. This is why System 5 has eschewed the one size fits all approach to instead offer scalable and uniquely tailored IT plans. These individualized solutions ensure you keep your competitive advantage and circumvent potential disasters so that your business stays connected and online all the time.

A Future Worth Protecting

System 5 wants your business to thrive and to continue adding value by contributing to a South African economy.
This is why we have invested resources into developing our free assessment program for RSA businesses and why we publish newsletters that feature emerging threats, trends, and solutions.

We value putting security first because we believe in a future that is worth protecting.

What we won’t do

  • We won’t hassle you with a bothersome sales rep that never gives up!
  • Never ever sell or share your business information!
  • Waste your time.

What we will do

  • Provide a system assessment free of charge with absolutely no strings attached!
  • Draw your attention to security gaps in your Business IT infrastructure.
  • Suggest ways to optimize what you are already working with.
  • Share our expertise with you such that you know what would be required to level up for greater business resilience & business continuity!