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Delivering Predictable Availability

Businesses that rise to the challenge of preparing for real-world risks will be able to stay competitive in unpredictable market spaces. Efficiency matters. If you are operating with inefficient basic IT infrastructure you are taking a risk.

In addition modern culture now expects companies to have an online presence in order to be ‘legitimate’. With the rise of cyber threats; company data (including that of client details) has to be doubly secured for both profit-based & legal-based reasons.

Operating without due diligence to manage online risk is risking more than profit. It is risking your ability to stay in business. Proper Corporate Governance should do all that is possible and reasonable for the sake of the business’s future.

Why Now?

The future is here and the time for getting-by with an unorganized, lackadaisical, or outdated IT strategy is gone. New businesses are taking IT infrastructure seriously from the start and existing businesses are realizing the changing times and switching over. IT Infrastructure is the foundation upon which operations flow; investing in solid, safe and proficient pathways are well worth it. Don’t get left behind.

The future is anything but certain

Be prepared for whatever comes your way by taking back your readiness. System 5 gets you back in control so you can be confident amidst uncertainty.

System 5 provides predictability in these ways:

Safe Data

We treat Data like a valuable Asset, do you? System 5 will ensure your data stays secure. Whether it needs to be protected from online hackers, Malware attacks, lightening or other threats, it’s safe with System 5. Don’t stress about evolving cyber threats; let System 5 give you the armour you need to defend your business. There is no need to risk losing a day’s trading! In fact, you can click here to sign-up for a FREE Backup Assessment by System 5, without any disruption to your work-flow.

Efficient Systems

Don’t lose productivity or profits because of broken hardware, malfunctioning software, or ill-timed maintenance and the like. System 5 is dedicated to your entire IT running smoothly so you can do what you do best, conduct business. We make sure that EVERYTHING stay up-to-date and functioning properly. IT should be behind the scenes, not wasting your time creating drama on a centre stage or on staff’s work-desks.

Steady Connectivity

Time online is time making money. System 5 gets you and keeps you online. Even our most basic offering guarantees your back online within 24hours.

Flexibility in Fluctuating Markets

To accommodate market fluctuation we offer month-to-month billing options. With personalized and scalable solutions you choose what you need, when you need & pay for what you use (including SAAS). We allow your IT infrastructure to be as agile as your business needs to be.