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A Holistic IT Service Provider

If you have enlisted the services of numerous specialists to take care of the various components of your business’s IT requirements, then this article is for you.

System 5 offers the benefits of providing holistic enterprise-quality IT Services, this means that you only have to deal with one account, of which the benefits are numerous.

Enterprise Level IT service makes the difference you need to get ahead in 2017. You won’t win the competitive advantage riding the same old horse.

The Whole Picture:

  • Our holistic and efficient IT Business Network allows you to save your energy for your actual work! Focus on growing your company’s worth, rather than dealing with IT incompetency & emergencies!
  • Experience virtually no downtime. Our IT professionals schedule your maintenance, service, and updates so that they don’t disrupt your business operations!
  • System 5 provides a tested, tried, and proven disaster recovery for Business Continuity. In the age of every increasing cyber security threats such as Ransomware an up-to-date backup means that you don’t need to take the risk of losing a day’s trading! 

A host of real-time benefits:

It is not just about getting your basic IT needs met. Excellent IT services should support you as you cultivate a company culture geared toward meeting the challenges of the future. Don’t let your progress be impeded by excuses from lack-lustre service. We design IT system to be efficient and productive.

Being a holistic enterprise IT Service provider, System 5 allows you to free-up your Capex budget in numerous ways, that actually count. To stay in the know, you can sign-up for our Newsletter here

Just the Right Size:

Don’t settle for less and don’t pay for more than your business needs. System 5 creates an individual service package that suits you, right where you are. Our services are accordion and can expand to meet your needs not only now, but also in the future.

Pay for What you Need:

Sometimes businesses buy hardware in bulk in an attempt to save money. Consider the following example:

  • Company B buys 20 personal computers at bulk price, they only need 12.
  • By the time one of the twelve gives-out – the eight spare used to replace it are out-of-date & they need to be configured into the system i.e. install relevant software, synch them into the network etc etc., this means investing more time into out-dated hardware.

Rather rent the hardware you that need and free up cash by working on a pay-as-you-go system.

The age of investing in quickly outdated professional copies of software is gone. Now you can lease your licenses for the exact number of staff that need it. Software as a Service ensures you are always benefitting from the latest upgrades and security features and most importantly you pay for only what you use i.e why pay for the whole of Microsoft Office when you only use certain programmes? There is no need to splash-cash & we won’t make you invest in anything that is unnecessary.

Hardware that works, without the hassle:

With our IT plans, if a piece of hardware acts up, we replace it. No more lost work time, while staff wait for equipment to be fixed, no more arguing with manufactures on warranty fine print. System 5 saves you from wasting cash on broken hardware, or ‘lemons’ accumulating in your storage cupboards. We handle the insurance, we can handle everything!

IT Experience that powers growth!

System 5 becomes an expert in your needs, challenges, and threats. This customer-client knowledge & communication allows us to cater to what you require.

  • Never mind the hassle of dealing with multiple IT techs and representatives.
  • Never be on hold with the IT call-centre again.

System 5 will provide you with one number for your IT expert. If you experience an issue, have a question, or require assistance, call the professional waiting to help you, on one dedicated contact number!

All of the above mentioned will free up your budget and time. After all, business & work should be enjoyable, not marred by unnecessary frustrations & incompetency.