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DR Testing & Business Continuity

Having a plan in place is the minimum level of protection. To truly be prepared: test your backups and to do so regularly. Understanding the in’s & out’s of your backup systems before your business depends on it, is crucial to achieving business continuity.

Make this year the year of seamless progress - Hackers, malware, and human error can wreak havoc on a profit margin. In today’s business world going ‘offline’ or suffering a data breach can cost you client confidence and even compromise your future viability as a business.

Planning for Disaster is not only intelligent, it is essential!

Predictable Availability is not a guessing game. It is a holistic strategy designed and set in place before anything goes ‘wrong’. Sound Corporate Governance means forecasting what will need to be in place to achieve business continuity despite what IT challenges are put in your path. This translates as a Backup & Disaster Recovery policy in position. This plan needs to cover every aspect of your business comprehensively.

“This is not a drill!”

A real disaster is destructive! Not taking the initiative to gain orientation and to learn & know your way through your DR process will: slow your recovery, increase downtime, and result in a breakdown of business continuity. It may even cost you valuable data. These losses nullify the reason you have invested in a plan to begin with!

System 5 has your back!

System 5 professionals can assist in designing the best plan to protect your business. With scalable services on offer, your business can receive a tailor-made solution that matches your priorities and your budget.

Cross Disaster Recovery & Backup testing off the to-do list!

System 5 completes DR Testing without disruption to business operations! We provide regular testing as well as the option to test-on-request via Cloud Services. These choices allow your business to avoid the cost of hosting additional on-site servers. Any emergencies are dealt with efficiently sans the drama.