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Save time and money by Eliminating System Downtime

We recently looked at a comparison of similar backup and recovery systems where Arcserve powered by System 5 came up tops for three key differentiators: continuous high availability [HA], replication and usability. 

Business as usual no matter what - Continuous HA combines the characteristics of high availability and continuous operation to provide the ability to keep business applications running without any noticeable downtime.

  • Reducing system downtime means that it is business as usual no matter what. It also means:
  • Accurate backups – continuous data protection helps you keep data and information accurate.
  • Reduces costs and training – a single solution for Windows, Linux and UNIX; being hardware-agnostic; and supporting server virtualization and the cloud – all help your staff to reduce training and costs.
  • Improved productivity – Centralized, unified and automated management and reporting helps improve IT productivity.

Data availability and recovery is a breeze with Arcserve

The process starts with the synchronization of the data on your Windows, Linux and UNIX Production Servers and a second Replica Server (physical or virtual) that you provision locally, at any remote location regardless of distance. It can even be in the cloud. Alternatively, for Windows environments, you can use the Full System Protection feature to automate the provisioning of your Replica Server (using a virtual server) to speed up deployment. Once synchronized, Arcserve High Availability continuously replicates all ongoing byte-level changes from your Production Server to the Replica Server.

Replication takes place during the initial synchronization but all changes are spooled on the Replica Server until synchronization completes. It provides application-aware replication, which means automated configuration and transactional integrity for applications such as Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, IIS, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle and BlackBerry. You can protect other Windows applications by using the Custom Application Protection wizard or by a simple script. In addition, you can protect Linux and UNIX applications via a simple script.

Arcserve High Availability provides:

  • real-time server and application monitoring,
  • automatic and push-button failover,
  • automated end-user redirection
  • push-button failback functionality.

Why Arcserve and System 5

Arcserve High Availability provides many innovative and integrated technologies. You can deploy it on-premise, off-premise and in a public cloud. This single source solution allows you to manage and maintain physical and virtual servers, giving you the control and flexibility that you need while reducing complexity, cost and training.