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How Can I Get Affordable IT Support?

Two words that could change the way you look at IT Support – ‘Serviced Options’ - Cloud computing, Disaster Recovery, Data Backup and Business Resilience.

These are all terms thrown around that leave most SMME owners burying their heads in the sands. Why? Well because for starters most people don’t know what they actually mean, and they do sound expensive. How can I get affordable IT support?

What if we told you IT Support could be more than affordable and that it will not destroy your cash flow with set-up fees? Two words: Serviced Options.

What are Serviced Options?

At System 5 we asked ourselves what are the biggest IT challenges facing a Start-up or SMME?

  • Cost of hardware and software
  • Inexperience with IT capabilities
  • Cash flow limitations

So this is how we solved them…

We ensure we offer individualised IT support to help build profit margins by Delivering Predictable Availability. To achieve this we needed to eliminate the need for huge cash flow outlay in terms of hardware and software and provide personal services to make sure you know you are getting your money’s worth.

We called our solution Serviced Options Powered by System 5.

This is what it means to partner with System 5 on our Serviced Options Portfolio:

  • Rent your hardware and software
  • Pay monthly
  • System 5 handles all service and maintenance
  • System 5 hosts your network
  • System 5 updates, provides back-up servicesand disaster recovery plan
  • Consistent business uptime