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What is IT?

Who remembers the clown from Steven King’s IT? IT support is almost as daunting but not nearly as scary. What is IT? Simply put, IT stands for Information Technology. Easy! Of course this may not satisfy all of your questions regarding the subject, especially if IT is not within your chosen career path.

What most people do know however is that Information Technology encompasses any form of hardware and software whereby data or information is created, stored and exchanged. But what else can IT support do for you, and why is it worth investing in?

There is a reason why your business is not an IT company, so why are you trying to service your own business with skills that might not be up to the professional standard?
Allow System 5 to play a supportive role, allow yourself to get back to business and take advantage of the free time that professional IT solutions open for you.

Why your business needs IT Support

Some business owners are reluctant to invest into IT support, for it seems to be an expense that is difficult to track or decipher the return of investment. However, IT support is not often there to make a profit directly, rather it:

  • Saves you money
  • Streamlines your business systems
  • Ensures optimum productivity
  • Protects and stores your company data
  • Most importantly it can guard your business’s integrity and reputation. (And indirectly correct support will help you turn a better profit)

Your Company will pay the price more than once without IT Support

You pride yourself on offering your clients superb service right? Now try to imagine how this is possible without IT Systems in place. Now imagine a system where everything ran smoothly, all your computers were updated and secured daily and where the Internet always worked fast allowing your staff to be productive.

Add to that a disaster and recovery plan for security and viola … you have an IT support system that will help you make money. Welcome to the thinking of System 5, we call it Delivering Predictable Availability.