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IT That Makes You Money

Your IT Support should be a profitable part of your business, not a grudge purchase. At System 5 we coined the phrase “predictable availability” and we define it as your business life running the way you wish it would.

If your IT structure functioned flawlessly you and your staff would spend less time rebooting and more time working – making them more efficient, your clients happier and your company more profitable.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you would benefit from Predictable Availability powered by System 5:

  • Do you wish your Internet Connection worked consistently, at the same speed each day?
  • Do you wish all computer updates happened at night, or on the weekend and automatically?
  • Does your computer require a reboot before it gets working the way you need it to?
  • Do you waste time waiting for your computer to load slow programs?
  • Is your back-up system a concern?
  • Do you wish your back-up and data recovery programs were automatically maintained
  • Are your IT costs out of hand?
  • Is your company network a source of frustration?
  • Does speaking to your IT support end with you speaking to an automated machine?

This is just scratching the surface!

These are just some of the key elements that should be addressed by a fully customisable and functioning IT support system.

If your IT support is predictable then you know what you get on Friday is what you’ll get on Monday. You also know that your backups will be regular, the software will be monitored and maintained. You also know that you wont be wasting time waiting for your systems to function they way you wish they would.

Availability means that all your systems will be connected and working at all times, it also means that we are real people and you wont be pushed around from call centre to automated messages – we will be there to help should you need any changes to your IT system. 

Powered by System 5

From evaluating system weak points, to rearranging that bug bear computer reboot you have come to accept and advice on Internet speeds, email and cloud – System 5 can do it all. This is IT that makes you money!