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sept2018Cybercrime has become common place whereby unprotected businesses are being identified and attacked.

As new technologies emerge and are implemented, criminals find gaps and ways to exploit those whose approach to IT Security has been minimal.



IT Security products have been developed to provide protection and peace of mind. However, when used solely on their own they may fall short of ensuring complete system safety. For true network security, a multi-faceted design which is maintained and monitored by IT Professionals is required.

Five Predicted Trends in Cybercrime & IT Security in 2018-2019

1. AI-powered attacks

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is now being harnessed for malicious intent. AI can latch onto various features such as voice-automation, geo-location and more to help criminals to identify & exploit ‘weakest link’ systems. AI can also collect information on organizations from multiple sources and employ it to assist hackers in gaining system entry. AI ups the ante! AI is capable of launching large-scale, highly sophisticated attacks with speed. Add to this the ability to learn from mistakes and a new super breed of security threat is posed by AI & ML.

2. Ransomware

The threat of Ransomware continues to grow. Protection measures and elements can be implemented but it requires vigilance from all angles. Untrained System Users is often the weak-link that Ransomeware exploits. 

3. IoT & Remote-devices being targeted

IoT and Remote devices have not traditionally been included in system protection. This disconnect, has contributed to them being identified as weak points in IT System Networks’ security. Devices left-out of security strategy provide opportunities for exploitation through malware, hacking, denial of service, sabotage and more. Complete protection will require failsafes such that employees’ remote-devices can join & leave business networks safely.

4. Emerging standards for multi-factor authentication

As Data Protection becomes paramount (and increasingly legislated) a tipping point is being reached in the conversation regarding the advantages of multi-factor authentication. In the past, companies were concerned about user-experience but this is now changing as Identity Theft and securing valuable data becomes a priority. Multi-factor Identification is moving away from a ‘cumbersome but good idea’ to a requirement. Especially as the majority of security breaches have been linked to weak single-feature identification. Multi-factor authentication allows for a much tighter control of access thus enhancing system security.

System 5 designs solutions tailored to individual business objectives. We integrate best-of-breed solutions to create a personalized plan built on your priorities, capable of powering your business’s progress! These are our partners in protecting your data. *Partners include ACRONIS, ARCSERVE, VEEAM, & CIBECS

5. The Adoption of more sophisticated security technologies

New technologies that completely eliminate common risks are no longer going to be fringe options but essential tools. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Solutions, Deception Technologies, Network Traffic Analysis, and more are just some of the complex technologies that can detect and respond to abnormal or irregular activities system-wide.

System 5 provides IT Security Services that protect each & every element of your company network. Our holistic, individualized & scalable plans give you access to our skilled IT experts to monitor, assess, and ensure that your business stays safe. *Partners include SOPHOS, ESET, and Pulseway, all of which are industry leaders.

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