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State Capture: An IT report

oct2018Data Protection & Security…

The South African State is a system that has been badly compromised.

In the ongoing inquiry into the Gupta State Capture scandal more details of the depth and extent of the misuse and manipulation of the official political network is being brought into the light.


Regardless of size or type, every system has weak links. If intrusion goes undetected & unchecked - negative influence grows, the rots expands into formerly healthy sections, and the life and future of the system is put at risk.


What allowed the Gupta's an ability to capitalize with such ferocity to their own advantage was the way they exploited weak links within the State system. South Africa's checks and balances did not respond quickly, their protocol failed to discover the threat. Even after it had had long since bypassed the perimeter. When the threat was exposed, the scope was shocking!

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