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How to make Business Data Valuable

How to make Business Data ValuableYour approach to data storage and data managementstorage and data management is a key feature of informed decision-making. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the data is relevant.

From pre-empting clients’ needs, focusing product development on market gaps, ensuring employees know how much you value them, to forecasting trends. The way you employ your business data is entirely up to you but utilizing your data supply for its potential - is the future of doing business successfully. 

However, not all data is of true value to your business. Here is a concise guide as to how one can refine Business Data to be pure gold.

Real-time relevancy!

Value is created in data when it is utilized in real-time decision making. Therefore, data must be collected, processed & presented in a rational manner to inform decision-making WITHIN a short time frame – otherwise the processed data i.e. information become outdated. [Logs of data can be useful across timelines.]


Bad data is corrupted data, lost data, stolen data, or old data. Everyone is on-board with the concept that Data is valuable. That’s why so much effort goes into hacking it, ransoming it, and otherwise stealing or destroying it.*

Systems need to be designed such that they are inter-connected to ensure data validity. Protection at every step along the way is required, this includes end-point protection. Real-time Backup and comprehensive Disaster Recovery are key to keeping data fresh, useable, and valuable.

*Data redistribution without compensation

System 5: The Foundation of Your Data Strategy

System 5 provides every level of the Hierarchy of IT needs that businesses require.

  • Infrastructure supply offers hardware & software to leverage Cloud Services.
  • Connectivity Solutions provide reliable connections and give you 100% uptime, so that your data is always up-to-date & accessible to you.
  • Security shields provide complete protection. This includes encryption, firewalls, anti-theft, and end-point protection. Mitigate unnecessary risks; keep data safe from malware, ransomware and the less malevolent but most common threat of user error.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery makes data retrieval stress-free and straightforward. We guarantee predictable availability as we regularly test your backup systems.
  • Professional IT Support offers expertise and practical solutions – we provide direct communication with Technicians & guarantee that you will never be put on hold. This allows you to focus on what you do best, running your business.

System 5 offers your business tailored plans that boost your data ROI and allow for system wide optimization:

  • Agility & Responsiveness
  • Scalability
  • Safety & Security
  • Predictable Availability

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