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Enterprise Level Internet Connectivity for Businesses in South Africa

ConnectivityThe crux of modern daily business operations revolves around the Internet and data communication. Businesses are beginning to see that successful and integrated digital transformation can deliver a substantial ROI in terms of workflow efficiency. The following forecasted business trends indicate that reliance on enterprise-level Internet connectivity will not only continue but that it will be on the rise.

Predictions for Digital Transformation in 2019

Increased Adoption - With more case studies of businesses making the digital conversion & being happier for it; the perception of Digitization is moving away from being merely conceptual to pragmatic. Thankfully, technologies are increasingly affordable making adoption smoother and easier with full customization available for businesses of every size.

Automation Actualized - Leading companies are already capitalizing on automation. Employing it wherever they can to cut costs and increase efficiency. In today's competitive environment companies are advised to identify the possible applications of automation within their business operations – or to enlist Professional Services to do so. It is necessary to respond quickly to customer needs and effectively manage company resources. Non-core processes should be shifted and become automated. Thus, freeing your best assets: individuals to focus on what they do best. While it is not necessary to automate everything at once it is valuable to recognise the potential ROI’s.

Growing Cloud Usage - Cloud solutions offer freedom, flexibility, and secure storage solutions. This is why companies of every size are depending on them for data storage and to run applications. Hybrid Clouds are currently top choice as they offer scalability, cost-effectiveness, and multiple security features – to learn more, simply click here.

Speed Matters - 5G wireless technology is on the rise - it ushers in a new age of higher speeds, lower latency and the ability to support more devices. As build-out infrastructure grows to support this generation of data transfer technology, opportunities are abundant. Companies still wallowing in outdated modes will simply be outpaced.

Living on the Edge - 24/7 Global Trade has become a reality; what used to be considered the edge is now the place where businesses will be expected to live. Delivering products and services without interruptions will be crucial to meeting customer demands. Convenience is a prime factor in purchasing decision-making; is it easier to do business with your company or with someone else’s?

SD-WAN may rise to become Number One - Secure connections from remote locations is now possible sans pricey equipment. These leaps forward in what is possible with SD-WAN poise it to climb into the number one slot, providing practical benefits to businesses maximizing its potential.

Better Utilization of Sophisticated Software - The increasing sophistication of software tools & ease-of-use design in user-interfaces allows for 'citizen developers' to get in the field. This translates to more “non-coding” employees being able to make innovative contributions within smart networks. The Digitization will create more access & untap more potential – which can be overlooked if tunnel-vision remains locked on “laborious staff training to learn a new system, when the old one works fine”. 

Leadership Leading the Charge - Attachment to familiar methodology as a form of “stability” is being recognised as resistance to change. There is a growing trend towards identifying how best to adapt such that one’s business has a competitive edge in the future. Adapting to be relevant in the market is the new business continuity security.

It's time to get started.

The Internet is & will become even more so a part of modern business, it is therefore logical to invest in fast, stable & secure Internet Connectivity. Grow your business into the future with a firm foundation of reliable connectivity. Let our team of experts ensure that you leverage the changes coming in 2019 to capitalize on the full business benefits inherent thereof.

What We Offer:

System 5 provides enterprise-level Internet Connectivity to Businesses in South Africa. Scalable, tailored plans founded on fast Internet with Predictable Availability. Let us evaluate how to optimize your processes and create the perfect plan to get you out ahead of the competition. Our range is diverse such that the correct solution is tailored rather than forced-to-fit. We identify & provide what works best for your business rather than a “one-size-fits-all”.

Connectivity Options

  • Fibre
  • Wireless
  • ADSL
  • VDSL
  • MPLS
  • VPN
  • Hosted
  • Cloud
  • Layer 2
  • SD WAN

Hosted PBX - These solutions are available at fixed monthly fee's with numerous features that are easy to activate.

VoIP - VoIP services allow for call communications using data/Internet connections therefore bypassing expensive traditional telephone calls & unresponsive service providers.

Why Choose System 5?

  • System 5 executes a seamless transition to ensure no disruption to business operations.
  • System 5 offers direct access to your own dedicated System 5 professional. Enjoy easy communication. System 5 does not have a "call-waiting-list" so support specific and familiar with your needs is always available.
  • System 5’s core value is delivering Predictable Availability such that your business operations are facilitated by IT rather than being marred by it.

Contact System 5 today and enjoy a healthy relationship between Business & IT.