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What is Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a service delivery model which allows for software to be procured on a subscription basis instead of being bought outright. Clients access the software they have paid for on a hosted cloud infrastructure.

SaaS has changed the ways in which companies secure the software they need to conduct business. No longer do you have to tie up valuable capital in the purchase of expensive professional licenses; instead you can pay-as-you-go. This allows you freedom and flexibility to design a personalized Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) which suits your needs on a month-to-month basis.

Why SaaS Makes Sound Business Sense:

Always Up-to-Date

SaaS includes all updates both minor and major at no extra cost. You can choose whether to allow System 5 to install updates as they are released or on scheduled intervals. Scheduled updates ensure that working-hours are never interrupted. This means your software never becomes out-of-date and you always have the latest fixes and features to keep your systems running smoothly! The extent to which software updates improve are not to be under-estimated; global user-feedback & debugging make what you have paid for that much better!

Affordable Access

Not only does SaaS do away with the necessity to invest large amounts of initial capital just to gain access to the software you need; it also allows access no matter what the size of your company. While some software companies reward huge companies with discounted purchasing rates, SaaS makes software affordable for new and medium sized businesses.

Personalized to Purchase; only what you need when you need it; Affordability in Agility

A unique SLPA allows you to buy access for five users one month and fifteen users another month. Thus you can take into account consultants, seasonal workers, special projects, growth and restructuring. Saas is elastic and will expand and contract as your business needs do. SaaS eliminates the need to overbuy on software features by allowing you to purchase only the software components you are sure to use. Never mind paying for the entire OfficeSuite when you only need excel!

Perfect Legality

Use your software with confidence as there is no need to worry about legal compliance, fines, or audits with an SPLA with System 5.

Secure Data Recovery

With System 5, your company will have comprehensive data recovery and regular backups. This means that in the event of a mishap, your data can be recalled quickly, with loss at an absolute minimum! System 5 can also structure your system such that if an error were to occur, none of your staff would be disrupted; which we consider essential & invaluable. After all, what are you paying your IT Service to deliver?

Online When You Ought to Be

With support from System 5; your new employee and clients profiles can be created timeously; your customer-service point never has to utter the confidence-destroying words “Our system is down, so we can not help you at the moment..& no we do not know when the system will be back up again…” System 5 can make sure that you avoid wasting time sorting out software glitches, programmed maintenance hassles, and waiting for lacklustre IT support such that you can get back to your actual work.

An SPLA with System 5 includes specialized IT support so your business will always get the software backup and technical support required to keep your business up and running. If you experience unanticipated software or hardware problems they can be dealt with swiftly. System 5’s team expertise will keep you online when you need to be so you don’t lose business because of technical issues with software.

Put Simply, why pay for more than you are going to use? Why waste business hours with software updates & setting up new employee profiles & software access as your business grows? SPLA is an intelligent evolution in agile business solutions that does away with rigid, unnecessarily expensive archaic software models. It is here for your advantage!

Focus on making your business the best. Secure your software with System 5 to stay ahead in the game, save capital, and capitalize on your most valuable asset, time!