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Azure Cloud Servers & Services powered by System 5

Azure is coming to South Africa!

System 5 will be powering Azure for Small-to-Medium Enterprise businesses to utilize the freedom and functions available via this revolutionary computing service platform.

Azure has sophisticated capabilities paired with design simplicity to allow businesses of all kinds to truly leverage the potential of cloud computing.

What is Azure?

Azure is a dynamic collection of cloud services that continues to grow. Azure can be deployed alongside an existing network in a platform as a service (PaaS), in totality as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), or completely personalized with software as a service (SaaS) package. The completely customizable aspect of Azure translates into best-of-breed cloud access that is convenient, secure, reliable, and comprehensive.

Why Azure?

Azure allows your business to capitalize on the wealth of features available. Complete cost-management from the outset and at each step along the way, strategically add and remove priorities as is needed.
Handpick exactly what you need and get it within minutes using Azure. Take advantage of the best security features that exist, find solutions to meet your unique business challenges, incorporate the tools you love, and work smarter with AI and analytics.

Favourite Features of Azure

  • Speed: Get exactly what you need when you need it from the Azure web portal.
  • Scalable: Cost-effective for changing needs, no upfront costs.
  • Insight: Know your system & be aware of what's happening within it at all times.
  • Smart: Utilize AI, Machine Learning & analytics to focus your competitive edge by intelligent adaptation & action.
  • Versatility: Runs both Microsoft & Non-Microsoft languages to allow for usability & innovation easy.
  • Single Sign-on: Simple & concise to facilitate user-flow & efficiency.
  • Security: Complete peace of mind as regulation standards are well met.
  • Container Service: Build & deploy Virtual Machines with ease (Kubernetes Service- AKS)
  • Storage: Resource abundance, easy management & navigation whilst meeting regulatory compliance. Archive and access safely.

System 5 Advantage - The Full Value of Azure powered by System 5.

System 5's team of experts can design a tailored, effective approach to fit your business requirements and priorities such that you get the most benefit possible from platforms such as Azure. Contact us for a free analysis and/or security evaluation to find out what is right for you.

Working with our highly-trained team makes decision-making and breaking down IT options smooth and hassle-free. We make comparing and contrasting analysis straightforward and respect your portfolio's budget.

System 5's excellence ensures your Business IT Network has Predictable Availability such that your energies are free to be focussed on doing business.