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Office 365 for your Business

architectural design architecture building 2034378Managing and operating a successful business is hard work. Enhancing productivity should be approached systematically. A vital first  step in building a foundation for achievement is providing a uniform platform. Ensuring that all workstations and employee devices  access the same baseline; makes collaboration easier and permits unimpeded workflow. Companies of every size have found an  accessible, easy to use, go-to resource in Office365.


What is Office 365?

“The Office you know and love built for the modern world so you can use it from anywhere!” [Microsoft quote] Office365 is an online, i.e. cloud-based, version of the Office Suite with enhanced features and customizable options. It is accessed by a monthly or yearly subscription.

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How is Office365 an Asset to Business?

Uniformity: Ensure that everyone is on the same page. With files stored in a central location; colleagues and co-workers will always see the most up-to-date files. This means that you don’t lose time with conflicting formats or double edits. Office365 ensures that files are easily shared, opened and are fully compatible across all workstations and devices. Features and program updates are done across the complete system.

*System 5 ensures updates are completed outside of business hours such that your business operations are never disrupted.

Storage: Store any type of file in the cloud. Office365 comes with 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage.

Agility and Mobility: Today’s workforce is on the move. Allow them to create and collaborate from wherever they are - with Office365. Designed to work from all the devices the modern workforce uses; it is available via a Desktop version, Online version, &/ Mobile version for Mac & PC users. Empower your team!

Security: Experience peace of mind knowing that Office365 has built-in protection features. You determine, via settings, how stringent or lenient security is with your company data. Eliminate unnecessary risk with advanced security management including: Secure Logins, Encrypted Emailing, Data Loss Prevention Protocols and Advanced Threat Analytics.

Regulatory Compliance: Many businesses do not realize that free email services do not often meet regulatory security compliance for consumer protection. Office365 mail service does, so you can cross that off your list!

Control: Office365 allows your System Administrators to see & control what’s happening on your system in detail. Permissions can be granted for users to view files remotely and access to editing abilities can be restricted.

Familiarity: Office365 allows for ease of use. Microsoft has retained all the favourite features that its users have come to know and love. None of these have changed with Office365; so you don’t have to worry about hours of Staff Training.

Scalable: Office365 is ideal for small or medium size businesses. With customizable subscriptions you can purchase exactly what you need and only pay for what you need. Traditional professional licenses are bought in bulk, you may purchase a license for 10 staff but only employ 7. Office365 allows you purchase the number you need from the start. Alter what you subscribe too as you go along.

For instance, add additional licenses as you grow or discontinue as you consolidate. Curious to try add-on features, try it with no infrastructure investment or long-term commitment. Find the configuration that works perfectly to meet your needs and don’t pay a penny more than necessary.

System 5 is a licensed partner with Microsoft Office365. We provide software offerings to South African businesses. Choose between Traditional Licensing Packages or Software as a Service.


Why Enlist Office365 with System 5’s SaaS?

Licensed Partner: Official business collaboration with Microsoft means trained expert professionals.

Uninterrupted Workflow: Everyone has felt the frustration of their computer interrupting their work to update during the day, usually at the most inconvenient time. System 5 makes sure this doesn’t happen; updates are scheduled to occur outside of your business-hours so that you never get disrupted needlessly.

Tech Support Excellence: System 5’s dedicated professionals are on-call for you! Don’t waste time on-hold or deal with the hassle of inadequate call-center-based support. 

One phone call gets you directly to your System 5 technician who can assist remotely or on-location. 

Pay for only what you use: System 5 adds and removes employee profiles easily. For instance, a staff member brings a new device to work; one call can add it to the network smoothly. Don’t waste budget on more access, software, or services than you actually need; rather work with a IT Service Provider that you can trust to have your best interests at heart.

Seamless Growth: Say “goodbye” forever to growing pains! Enlisting IT Services is simple with System 5. Our professional team enables your business growth without disruption to business operations. This includes Backup & Disaster Recovery, Mail Archiving, IT Infrastructure Supply, Cloud Services, Business Internet Connectivity, and/or IT Security.

Change it as you go, when you want! All things IT in one holistic service provider.

System 5: Your partner in providing:

• Enterprise-level IT Services to businesses in South Africa.
• Effortless transition to System 5 services without disruption to business operations.
• Easy direct communication with your dedicated System 5 professional, no “call-waiting-list”.

Contact System 5 today for concise professional IT Services & Products.

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