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When you think all is lost but a sudden stroke of luck turns it into a near miss instead of a disaster

Do you know that sinking feeling you get when Life is about to hand you a lemon but a lucky twist saves the day and you find yourself with a big smile and breathing a sigh of relief? That is the same feeling you get when you know that System 5 has your back.

When powered by System 5 you know all your business systems are all in check, your data is safe and your customers are happy. Even if disaster strikes!

Here are 3 near misses to put ‘that feeling you get’ into perspective:

The deal breaker – That feeling you get when you promise your wife that you will get her the ONLY gift she has on her Christmas list. You’ve promised, and she is so excited. You get to the store... there’s none left. You dig! You ask! You panic.... then you catch a glimpse of the last one on the shelf. That is one beautiful feeling... SAVED!

The one that got away – You feel a tug at your line, you strike and set the hook into whopper. Your friends are never going to believe you... this fish is BIG! You struggle to reel it in, you lift the net and... the hook pulls free. Your heart sinks but as you lift the net it’s there... how relieved are you now! IN THE BAG!

The girl of your dreams – You’ve been tying to tell the girl of your dreams just how much you love her, but in her frustration in waiting for you to propose she decides its time to take a break. You panic, the walls start closing in but before she has gone too far, you find her and make amends. Just like a cheesy romantic movie you pull out a gorgeous ring and convince her that you are the man of her dreams. DEAL SEALED!

Why System 5?

With System 5 you can rest assured that there will be no near misses for you! System 5 offers unsurpassed customer service and dependable systems that will never let you down. System 5 prides itself in:

  • The personal touch – System 5′s energetic, results-driven team is just a phone call away. Personalized, professional service is the order of the day, every day.
  • Peace of mind – Offering proven, award-winning disaster recovery solutions ensure rapid recovery from data loss or corruption. With System 5 nothing can hold your business back, not even disaster. Business Continuity is essential!
  • Innovative – System 5 implements and maintains the very latest technology supported by a team of IT professionals with comprehensive expertise across multiple operating systems and network environments.

Call System 5 today: 011 317 7120 so that you can also get that feeling.