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Arcserve Email Archiving powered by System 5

It is critical that your business adequately protects and archives its email records! Businesses continue to grow ever more reliant on email communications. In a single day a small business may process hundreds of email messages and larger companies process thousands per day.

Due to the convenience of email – it is used to discuss everything from the weather to highly confidential and proprietary information. Your company emails are data and as such are valuable. Keeping track of them is important. What are you counting on to keep your communication records secure?

Why Archive? 

A simple email backup alone is not enough!

Simply backing-up email does not make allowance for industry regulations, the necessity of archive searches, or even the integrity of the record itself. A complete historical record in the form of an email archive is an absolute necessity both for legal compliance and good practice.

The Challenge of Maintaining a Secure Email Archive - The sheer volume of electronic communication produced daily can create a storage headache and challenge. Storage options exist but not all of them are adequate. Often a company does not realize it has not made adequate provisions until it is too late.

An on-premise server for backup on its own will not ensure your record is immutable. It can fall prey to failure, security breaches, or malicious cyber-attacks. A sole onsite record also remains vulnerable to manipulation by users. Individuals can easily alter an email before performing a backup thereby ‘erasing’ that information in part or entirely forever.

Many companies are taking advantage of mail-servers’ offers to move data off-premise and onto the cloud but even this cannot offer true protection. Options offered by Office365 or other cloud storage providers do not keep your communication safe on their own!

Office 365 is not enough!

  • It does not back up on-premise email
  • It does not offer a point-on-restore backup
  • It does not offer unlimited storage space

Unless you are doing individual or separate backups, Office365 is NOT doing any backups. When your business encounters a virus, malware, or a Ransomware attack the problem will spread into 365 and put your records and data at risk. For more on how relying solely upon Office 365 could put you at risk watch this video short.

The Arcserve UDP Solution

System 5 is now offering a brand-new solution designed and built by the world’s top archiving experts. Arcserve’s UDP is the solution with a difference. Going beyond just a backup – Arcserve’s UDP gives true peace of mind with the promise of ultimate archiving possibilities. Each and every email sent is automatically archived. The archive is unalterable. It offers a multitude of search and tag operations that revolutionize how you deliver on compliance, legal discovery and industry regulations.

Optimize storage and minimize risk with Arcserve’s UDP!

Arcserve UDP guarantees

  • Legal and Regulatory Requirements are met
  • Your business stays in Compliance with retention rules
  • Co-operation with legal investigation and discovery is simple
  • Email evidence is kept secure
  • Detailed and specific record searches are easy to conduct
  • Deleted emails are never an issue
  • The archive record is truly protected
  • Records can be accessed 24/7
  • Industry best practice is employed
  • End-users can access but not modify archives
  • Security breaches can be pin-pointed

Note: The Arcserve UDP solution – powered by System 5 – offers Public Cloud / Private Cloud / Onsite installation options.

Stay in front: Powered by System 5

Keep clear of legal quagmire! Avoid profit destroying IT disasters! Don’t leave your company’s future exposed by thinking you’re safe when you are not! System 5 offers security and storage solutions that make a meaningful difference! Our professionals can make sure you maximize the potential of Arcserve’s UDP!

Experience System 5’s next-level service. We provide true protection and complete peace of mind. Get powered by System 5 to keep your business advancing.