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Data Distribution without Compensation

Data distribution without compensationThe recent tweets of the American president have brought South Africa to the forefront of headlines internationally. It wasn’t a good news story but focused on murder rates and forced property acquisition.

Civil unrest and safety in RSA have long grabbed attention outside our borders and within. While the spotlight has sometimes been needed to amplify a cry for change, at other times it has been used to manipulate public opinion, for politicking purposes, or fear-mongering.

The world at large watches as we develop into a new young democratic nation and is quick to jump on our vulnerabilities and even exploit our statistics to bolster self-serving arguments. South Africa has a global reputation for crime – what would make front page news overseas is simply a common occurrence in parts of South Africa.

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State Capture: An IT report

oct2018Data Protection & Security…

The South African State is a system that has been badly compromised.

In the ongoing inquiry into the Gupta State Capture scandal more details of the depth and extent of the misuse and manipulation of the official political network is being brought into the light.

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IT Security Services powered by System 5

sept2018Cybercrime has become common place whereby unprotected businesses are being identified and attacked.

As new technologies emerge and are implemented, criminals find gaps and ways to exploit those whose approach to IT Security has been minimal.


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It Products & Services For Businesses In The Future

Predictions for what will be possible in the IT world of the future range from logical extrapolations to wild speculation. A glance backwards can leave one amazed by speed of progression and the global adoption of technologies. Less than 20 years ago the Internet had an estimated mere 16 million users worldwide.

Email accounts were uncommon and social media platforms had not yet been invented.Today there are an estimate 3.57 billion Internet users!

When you consider what might be possible for your small or medium sized business in the years to come, IT Infrastructure will no doubt play a role in how business is conducted.

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Hierarchy Of IT Needs

No matter the size of your business or the industry you work within, there is a Hierarchy of IT needs necessary to operate. 

The IT you depend on for daily business must be reliable while simultaneously allowing for growth and innovation as your business and its needs develop.

Beginning with the basics you build upwards. To be competitive within the market & for business continuity, all 5 elements must be taken into consideration. 

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