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Valuable Features To Add To Your Business IT Network

System 5 understands your need to maximize business productivity, ensure connectivity, protect resources, and keep business operations functioning without interruption.

We partner with industry leaders to provide a range of services, software, and products. Pick and choose with the help of our experts who can design a package that is customized to your business.

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Reasons Why Medium-Sized Businesses Should Invest In Enterprise-Level DR

Previously, Medium-sized Businesses were caught in-between IT Service offerings: small business solutions were too weak & severely limited “room-for-growth”; & Enterprise-level solutions were inaccessible due to cost. Furthermore, Enterprise-level offerings were simply unsuitable due to their scale & rigidness – there was no option of tailoring-to-fit.

System 5 overcomes these hurdles: making enterprise-level IT Services available to Medium-sized business.

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DR Testing & Business Continuity

Having a plan in place is the minimum level of protection. To truly be prepared: test your backups and to do so regularly. Understanding the in’s & out’s of your backup systems before your business depends on it, is crucial to achieving business continuity.

Make this year the year of seamless progress - Hackers, malware, and human error can wreak havoc on a profit margin. In today’s business world going ‘offline’ or suffering a data breach can cost you client confidence and even compromise your future viability as a business.

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Why Disaster Recovery should be the last resort

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Henry de Bracton 1240. Successful leaders strategize with forward thinking that includes prevention.

Deterring a preventable problem saves time, money, energy, plus the frustration.

Backup & Disaster Recovery is worth investing in – there true value requires implementation before disaster strikes! Due diligence can conserve profits, protect a company’s future, ensure that costly litigation and legal liability are avoided, and prevent mistakes that may cost one’s career.

Inattention to the real threats facing companies (despite their age and regardless of their size) and failing to practice attentiveness can mean “Game-Over”.

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Arcserve Email Archiving powered by System 5

It is critical that your business adequately protects and archives its email records! Businesses continue to grow ever more reliant on email communications. In a single day a small business may process hundreds of email messages and larger companies process thousands per day.

Due to the convenience of email – it is used to discuss everything from the weather to highly confidential and proprietary information. Your company emails are data and as such are valuable. Keeping track of them is important. What are you counting on to keep your communication records secure?

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