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When you think all is lost but a sudden stroke of luck turns it into a near miss instead of a disaster

Do you know that sinking feeling you get when Life is about to hand you a lemon but a lucky twist saves the day and you find yourself with a big smile and breathing a sigh of relief? That is the same feeling you get when you know that System 5 has your back.

When powered by System 5 you know all your business systems are all in check, your data is safe and your customers are happy. Even if disaster strikes!

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Smart Tech - The Joys and Woes

The smart new world is emerging, whether we embrace it or not. Evolving technology continues to expand the definition of what qualifies as ‘Smart Technology’. While some argue that the ‘smart’ label is applied too flippantly, and over-used as easy fodder for marketers seeking to sell.

The fact remains that technology is continually being enhanced. Without engaging in the debate on what exactly deserves the label of SmartTech, we can all agree that the horizon of what is possible is always changing. Some tech evolutions are clear natural progressions while others are widely inventive. Both are exciting and within both is the potential for joy and woes.

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Virtualization is a Business Game Changer, Here’s Why

Virtualization is a Game Changer when it comes to Backup & Disaster Recovery. As a part of a well-designed and monitored IT System for Business Continuity: Virtualization can ensure failover happens seamlessly. 

Virtualization can Mitigate and eliminate the risk of data loss, shorten recovery time, avoid server and system rebuilds, designate specific servers for important DR roles, allow for dynamic testing of fail process recoveries, simplify business IT processes and increase uptime.

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Zero Disruption IT Service Provider Conversion

Don’t let bad IT Infrastructure sink your profits or run your business aground. Start 2018 with professionals, switch to System 5. Experience zero disruption and steer your business to success.

System 5 will tailor-make its IT offerings to suit your business needs. Small and medium sized businesses don’t need to compromise quality and settle for less. System 5 allows any size business to benefit from the professional expertise, top notch service, and enterprise level solutions. Choose which of our 5 pillars you need, mix and match and create a truly personalized plan to take your IT strategy to the next level.

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Artificial Intelligence, Beyond The Movies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is our attempt to make computers think or process information similar to the way we do. Humans have been pioneering in the field for hundreds of years beginning with the work of classical philosophers in the 14th century onward.

Early explorers in the field conducted experiments and projects unlikely to hold any commercial value whatsoever but nevertheless an important part of investigating and understanding human thought processes.

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