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The Smart Office

Smart-Offices are also known as ‘Responsive Workplaces’ or ‘Digital Workplaces’. The terms refer to spaces that feature technology embedded in aspects of the physical environment, said components are connected & can be controlled remotely. Ideally a Smart-Office is flexible with a high level of adaptability with the purpose of convenience, efficiency, & cost-saving.

Although a Smart-Office doesn’t need conform to a rigid singular definition. Each workplace will take their personalized needs into consideration to decide what technology adds value.

The idea is to connect all the systems into one unified system. It should be able to adapt and respond to contexts and user needs offering improvements to make the lives of users easier and to increase the quality of work accomplished from within it.

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IT Security Solutions Matter

In years past South Africa businesses were able to avoid being specifically targeted by cyber criminals but times have changed. The threats are no longer ‘out there’, they are hitting hard here at home.

Last year System 5 responded to a sharp increase in attacks that were devastating to businesses that had left themselves unprepared. Treating data as an asset is no longer something to take with a cavalier approach. If you want to stay in business it is time to evolve and take IT System, Backup and Security as an imperative part of your business continuity plan.

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A Holistic IT Service Provider

If you have enlisted the services of numerous specialists to take care of the various components of your business’s IT requirements, then this article is for you.

System 5 offers the benefits of providing holistic enterprise-quality IT Services, this means that you only have to deal with one account, of which the benefits are numerous.

Enterprise Level IT service makes the difference you need to get ahead in 2017. You won’t win the competitive advantage riding the same old horse.

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Delivering Predictable Availability

Businesses that rise to the challenge of preparing for real-world risks will be able to stay competitive in unpredictable market spaces. Efficiency matters. If you are operating with inefficient basic IT infrastructure you are taking a risk.

In addition modern culture now expects companies to have an online presence in order to be ‘legitimate’. With the rise of cyber threats; company data (including that of client details) has to be doubly secured for both profit-based & legal-based reasons.

Operating without due diligence to manage online risk is risking more than profit. It is risking your ability to stay in business. Proper Corporate Governance should do all that is possible and reasonable for the sake of the business’s future.

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Save time and money by Eliminating System Downtime

We recently looked at a comparison of similar backup and recovery systems where Arcserve powered by System 5 came up tops for three key differentiators: continuous high availability [HA], replication and usability. 

Business as usual no matter what - Continuous HA combines the characteristics of high availability and continuous operation to provide the ability to keep business applications running without any noticeable downtime.

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