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Don’t Compromise Ensure Fail-Safe Replication

Effective replication ensures accurate data restoration - We recently looked at a comparison of similar backup and recovery systems where ARCServe powered by System 5 came up tops for three key differentiators: continuous HA, replication and usability. So far we have covered usability, continuous high availability (HA) and now we look at fail-safe replication.

Periodic backups are not enough - In a fast paced world where data changes at a drastic rate it’s simply not enough to do periodic backups. It also doesn’t make sense to spend money and time doing backups that won’t restore critical data if disaster strikes.

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How Can I Get Affordable IT Support?

Two words that could change the way you look at IT Support – ‘Serviced Options’ - Cloud computing, Disaster Recovery, Data Backup and Business Resilience.

These are all terms thrown around that leave most SMME owners burying their heads in the sands. Why? Well because for starters most people don’t know what they actually mean, and they do sound expensive. How can I get affordable IT support?

What if we told you IT Support could be more than affordable and that it will not destroy your cash flow with set-up fees? Two words: Serviced Options.

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What is IT?

Who remembers the clown from Steven King’s IT? IT support is almost as daunting but not nearly as scary. What is IT? Simply put, IT stands for Information Technology. Easy! Of course this may not satisfy all of your questions regarding the subject, especially if IT is not within your chosen career path.

What most people do know however is that Information Technology encompasses any form of hardware and software whereby data or information is created, stored and exchanged. But what else can IT support do for you, and why is it worth investing in?

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IT That Makes You Money

Your IT Support should be a profitable part of your business, not a grudge purchase. At System 5 we coined the phrase “predictable availability” and we define it as your business life running the way you wish it would.

If your IT structure functioned flawlessly you and your staff would spend less time rebooting and more time working – making them more efficient, your clients happier and your company more profitable.

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The Freedom of Business Security

Congratulations on your diligent work this year! No matter the ratio of successes or set-backs – you’ve kept on trucking and have made it through. The end of 2017 is right around the corner! You are nearly there!

When System 5 has got your back, you can step back from your desk and enjoy a change of scenery – with peace of mind that comes from knowing that your well-deserved break won’t be interrupted or even ruined by news of an IT disaster back at the office.

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