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Email Archiving

Secure Email Storage and Access Management

Protect your company’s intellectual property and clients’ personal information with our streamlined email access and storage solutions.

Email is without a doubt the most essential tool for effective business communication. Apart from making everyday business communication more efficient, your email is a valuable source of correspondence with customers, employees, and stakeholders. Emails often carry carries intellectual property and legal agreements. These vital records need to be protected at all times, and accessible in an instant.

Know your A’s from B’s - Archives and Backups are not the same

Email Backups allow for fast recovery of email files due to unexpected data loss. Backups are saved in increments, and the latest backup often replaces the previous one. They provide a snap-shot of data at a given time, and emails are stored in their original size.

Email Archiving preserves each and every email in real-time. They are encrypted, compressed, indexed, and stored off-site –freeing up server space for improved performance. Archiving serves businesses with long-term data retention requirements and makes historic emails faster to retrieve.

If you are processing personal information (or have other legal obligations), you are required to securely store your emails. Look no further; we can help.

Choose System 5 to meet your compliance and eDiscovery needs

We understand the storage capacity, compliance, and access challenges of email archiving. Our transparent solutions are easy to upscale, and always perform optimally. We call it Predictable Availability, and it’s our promise to you.

Email Risk Management with System 5

Our solutions include the infrastructure, software, and technical expertise for efficient email archiving:

  • Index

    High-performing indexing speeds up future searches and reduces the amount of space needed for both email and storage servers.

  • Store

    Preserve emails in a read-only format that retain their original state and encrypt copies for tamper-proof protection (for eDiscovery purposes).

  • Extract

    Capture valuable message content, attachments, and other crucial metadata from incoming and outgoing emails.

Additional Benefits of Email Archiving

Over and above preserving vital company information, email archiving provides a host of complementary business benefits:

  • Monitor internal and external employee communications.
  • Improve productivity by eliminating lengthy searches for hidden or lost emails.
  • Reduce risk of losing an email forever from accidental deletion.
  • Enhance server performance by moving archived emails out of the live environment.
  • Increase legal protection with encrypted, tamper-proof and eDiscovery ready evidence.
  • Bolster business continuity by integrating your email archiving with a complete business data backup and disaster recovery solution powered by System 5.
  • Manage costs with convenient as-a-service payment options suited to your business needs.

Protection and great support are on the way. Contact Us for a hassle-free email archiving solution.

MailArchiva is a professional enterprise-grade email archiving, discovery and compliance software product for businesses of all shapes and sizes.
Mimecast provides cloud-based email security, archiving and continuity solutions to protect business email and simplify email management.
Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) is the only all-in-one backup and data recovery platform for cloud, virtual, and physical environments.
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    Support Services

    Fast, efficient IT support from solutions architecture and provisioning, to ongoing support services.
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    Disaster Recovery

    Safeguard your data and ensure that your systems continue to run, even in the event of a failure.
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    Cloud Services

    Improve your organisation’s agility and strengthen your business continuity measures with our cloud offering.
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    Mail Archiving

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    IT Security

    Protect your network from end-to-end against the threat of cyber-attacks and downtime.
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    Reliable, high-speed internet connectivity throughout your organisation.


Contact us  for more information on our Mail Archiving Services.