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Contact us  for more information on our Internet Connectivity options.

Internet Connectivity For Optimal Business Performance

High Speed, Reliable, Enterprise-Grade Internet Solutions

Delivering predictable availability is one of our core promises. It means that we provide best of breed, high speed, and secure Internet access on which your business can rely.

We believe that being online and being optimally online are two entirely different things. With the rise of cloud services, remote collaboration, VoIP, video conferencing, and email as the standard for business communication, sluggish lines can make-or-break your business.

Enhanced business performance for increased profitability

Your business depends on reliable, fast, dedicated Internet services to compete in today’s always-on world.

The face of business is always changing, and business broadband requirements evolve. With the right connectivity solution for your business, you can streamline operations, lower hardware and maintenance costs, increase productivity, and grow!

We deliver secure, enterprise-grade connectivity designed to meet your organisations current needs with your future requirements in mind. Our expert team will deploy your new solution without any disruptions to daily business operations.

Change your perception about change. Too many businesses stick to out-dated and under-performing Internet connectivity for fear of the implications on their business. We’ll manage a seamless transition with absolutely no disruptions to business operations from start to finish. The only change you’ll notice is uninterrupted high-speed Internet services.

Tailored Internet Solutions

Whether your business is small or large, operates 24-hours, or has several satellite offices; we can consult and deploy a tailored solution to give your organisation everything it needs. When you work with us, life gets infinitely easier. We monitor your connection round the clock and manage your services from start to finish.

Our solutions have your best business interests at heart. We identify and deploy the Internet connectivity solution that strikes the best balance between upload and download speeds, prioritisation, and budgetary needs. Your business gets the reliable service it needs with the best value for money.

  • Connectivity Solutions

    • Multi-location offices
    • Cloud-based services
    • Heavy and frequent file transfers
    • Webhosting and application hosting
    • Reliable access, matched with reliable speeds
    • Matching upload and download data rates
    • A managed service delivery to ensure predictable availability
    • Uncapped, unshaped internet services
    • Flexibility to upgrade to dedicated fixed line Internet
    • Secure inter-branch communications

  • Connectivity Options

    • Fibre
    • Wireless
    • ADSL
    • VDSL
    • MPLS
    • VPN
    • Hosted
    • Cloud
    • Layer 2
    • SD WAN

  • Hosted PBX

    Enjoy a fixed monthly cost for a managed virtual PBX service with a wealth of “click to activate” value-adding features.

  • VoIP

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows telephone calls over your Internet Connection. Call costs are significantly more affordable and you don’t have to deal with yet another supplier.

How our best of breed, high-speed and full-time connections benefit your business

  • Secure Internet access, we deploy firewalls and threat detection software with rigorous response protocols.
  • Reliable Internet access with constant monitoring and management to ensure that your Internet experience is always exceptional.
  • High-speed Internet access for accelerated communication capabilities, efficient processes and maximum productivity.
  • Customizable bandwidth, ensuring prioritised traffic and Quality of Service specific to streamline communications.
  • 24/7 monitoring, rest assured that we will have our eyes on your line at all times, able to detect and resolve faults before you even knew they were there.
  • 365 days maintenance, part-and-parcel with your 24/7 monitoring, we will keep your connection in shape.
  • Guaranteed uptime, we call it predictable availability.
  • Support Services

    Support Services

    Fast, efficient IT support from solutions architecture and provisioning, to ongoing support services.
  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    Safeguard your data and ensure that your systems continue to run, even in the event of a failure.
  • Cloud Services

    Cloud Services

    Improve your organisation’s agility and strengthen your business continuity measures with our cloud offering.
  • Mail Archiving

    Mail Archiving

    Managed mail archiving solutions to protect your business-critical information.
  • IT Security

    IT Security

    Protect your network from end-to-end against the threat of cyber-attacks and downtime.
  • Connectivity


    Reliable, high-speed internet connectivity throughout your organisation.


Contact us  for more information on our Internet Connectivity options.