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IT Security Solutions

Industry-Leading Cyber Security Software, and Response Solutions

Bolster your business resilience by securing your network at every possible point of intrusion. We believe that your best line of defence is a strong offence. We plan, execute, and enforce the strictest security measures to safeguard your digital information. Protect your business against loss of revenue and reputational damage that breaches and downtime bring with them.

IT security is a fundamental element of information assurance which comprises backup and disaster recovery procedures. With the proliferation of IoT and cloud migration, companies of any size are more exposed to cyber-attack than ever before. Databases, API’s, cloud-based-servers, and mobile applications add more links to your network’s chain, each of which should be protected.

Unprecedented Network, End-Point, and Cyber Security

We use best-of-breed technology coupled with our in-depth expertise to thwart digital attacks, no matter how sophisticated. Knowing that your business is unique, it is important that we understand your IT environment so that we can identify vulnerabilities. From there, we will build a thorough protection plan from the ground up.

We protect your business enforcing the strictest prevention, detection, and response measures across all your hardware and software components in your IT Environment. This ensures network, internet (cloud and wireless access), end-point, email, and user security.

Prevention is always far better than cure. Trust us to arm your network.

Our services include:

  • Identification of network vulnerabilities.
  • Deploying Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to monitor suspicious or malicious activity.
  • Securing each network entry and exit point with sound policies and end-point security software on all connected devices.
  • Managing access and data protection across public, private or hybrid cloud solutions.
Sophos Technologies is a global Network Security appliances provider, offering User Identity-based network security in its Threat Management appliances.
Award-winning antivirus software and internet security software for Windows, Mac and Android. Essential defence against malware, ransomware.
Real-Time provides Remote Monitoring and Management Software that make it easy to remotely monitor and control IT systems from any device.

Security That Never Sleeps

Following planning and implementation, we then maintain your network security with constant monitoring, assessment, and testing, trend analysis to pinpoint which additional measures may be needed and then perform regular updates, upgrades and patches.


Research from the Business Continuity Institute reveals that “88% of organisations are either ‘extremely concerned’ or ‘concerned’ about the possibility of a cyber-attack.” Place your business in the 12% who never have to worry, with System 5 guarding your network.


How our IT Security solutions will benefit your business

  • Ensure compliance with the Protection Of Personal Information Act (POPIA) and other data regulations.
  • Maintain productivity and avoid lost revenue caused by downtime.
  • Safeguard business IP and critical data.
  • Bolster business resilience, by integrating our IT security services with backup and disaster recovery solutions .
  • Foster trust with all your clients, stakeholders and suppliers knowing that their dealings with your organisation are secure and reliable.
  • Support Services

    Support Services

    Fast, efficient IT support from solutions architecture and provisioning, to ongoing support services.
  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    Safeguard your data and ensure that your systems continue to run, even in the event of a failure.
  • Cloud Services

    Cloud Services

    Improve your organisation’s agility and strengthen your business continuity measures with our cloud offering.
  • Mail Archiving

    Mail Archiving

    Managed mail archiving solutions to protect your business-critical information.
  • IT Security

    IT Security

    Protect your network from end-to-end against the threat of cyber-attacks and downtime.
  • Connectivity


    Reliable, high-speed internet connectivity throughout your organisation.


Contact us  for more information on our IT Security solutions.