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Spotica - The Digital CISO Module


Are you experiencing any of these “Quotes” ?

  • Digital transformation is adding vulnerabilities faster than we can implement protection.
  • We aren’t sure if we are doing enough of the correct security activities.
  • There are too many, complex security frameworks and standards to make sense of and we’re unsure which ones we should align with.
  • Security skills are scarce, and our resource capacity is low.
  • We want to certify ISO 27001 but not sure where to start.
  • We’re following a tick box exercise that is for the most part done manually.

How can Spotica help?

Spotica is not like the other rudimentary systems of record, it is one of the only holistic IT management systems that offer integrated step-by-step advisories.

It sets out a best-practice approach to cyber risk management that can be adopted by all businesses, large and small.

The Advisories in Spotica’s digital CISO module is based on ISO 27001, OCTAVE and other standards, that enables you to manage risks proactively while setting you on the path towards ISO 27001 certification.

The advanced knowledge engine was created to be:

  • Digital & Easy to use
  • Integrated & Comprehensive
  • Affordable & Adds business value

Value Proposition?

  • Make better decisions and alter tactics
  • Analyze the latest business intelligence in real time
  • Track actions and progress on a single page dashboard
  • Gain visibility into the state of your ransomware protection

At a Glance...

Simply Click-and-Drag to Create and Maintain a full Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Solution Overview

A and integrated cloud-based solution that provide step-by-step advisories to guideminimalistic board members, executives and managers in fulfilling their respective duties towards information security and data privacy, as defined by various Industry Standards.


  • Holistic view and Security Postures
  • Clear Scope and Priority
  • Reduced Cost, Gained Efficiencies and Improved Performance through Integration,
  • Standardization and Automation

Key Differentiators

Step-by-Step Advisories - Spotica is not just a system of record but effectively a “CISO in a box”. It uses a task flow engine and intuitive interface to guide every user on what to do next, every step of the way

Everyday Language - Spotica tailors the language it uses to the various roles within the organization, ensuring that it is practical and suited to the audience whether board, management, or specialist

Integrated Machine Learning Platform

The Spotica platform makes use of Machine Learning to keep itself up to date by aggregating data from across the platform to create valuable data insights which inform the knowledge engine to create new advisories

Spotica, makes Information Security simple... amazingly simple!

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