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Professional IT Support Services

IT Expertise, Solutions, Deployment, and Ongoing Support Services

Our IT Support service is where our promise of predictable availability comes to life! Each member of our team embodies our core belief that your business deserves genuine, caring assistance. We keep your best interests at heart and ensure that everything we do supports your organisation in achieving its goals. You and your employees can focus on business while we make sure that all your systems are running optimally. You do business; we do IT support.

Maintained infrastructure, regularly completed backups, continuously monitored and updated software.
All your systems connected and working at all times. You also have access to our entire team for the swift fault resolution when required.

Proactive IT Support Services

We don’t expect you to stay up to date with all of the latest developments in the IT industry - that’s what we do. There is no need to ask for an upgrade or for tests to be run. We’ll take care of it all. Our team employs initiative matched with expertise acquired over 30 years and up to date knowledge of the latest technologies. We have a culture of lifelong learning, which means our team are continually sharpening the axe.

On-going support services - You will never feel left in the lurch when you work with System 5. Our dedicated team are always available to help you. You’ll have direct access to capable and caring IT support at all times.

Our seasoned IT professionals will implement the latest technologies, rigorously test, continuously monitor, and make sure that your systems stay up and running and on top form.

  • Outsourced, Full-time IT Resources

    Hiring the right IT talent is crucial to your business. Acquiring and retaining skilled IT professionals can give your company the competitive edge. However, it requires that your HR department understands the skills needed and know-how to verify that candidates can, in fact, do the job.

    Our ability to attract and retain top IT talent is what sets System 5 apart.

    We’re proud to say that our core team have been with us for more than 15 years. When you work with us, you know that your business will receive expert IT guidance and support.

    We can provide full-time remote support, additional regular site visits, or supply the perfect in-house resource (employed and managed by System 5) full-time.

    • Expert knowledge and skills from our pool of shared knowledge and experience.
    • Flexible options to suit your needs
    • Alleviates payroll and HR burdens
  • Our remote support team is only a phone call or email away

    At System 5, we deliver sure-fire value with personalised service.

    You have direct access to our skilled and highly knowledgeable support staff via phone or email. No self-help portals, no sifting through automated telephonic menus, no being pushed-around by call centres.

    You will speak to someone who listens, understands and can resolve your query. If need be, we have swift escalation procedures to handle even the most difficult faults timeously - eliminating hours of aimless troubleshooting.

  • How our Professional Services will benefit your business

    Increased efficiency - we will take care of all your needs ensuring your systems are always available and performing optimally –freeing up internal resources.

    Alleviate HR burdens - No time needed to recruit, induct and train your resources.

    Access to best-of-breed technology coupled with rapid deployment.

    Industry-specific knowledge - You do business; we do IT support.

    Risk management - Our trained and experienced team will adhere to all your compliance obligations, safeguard your data, and manage business continuity

    Increased control - We provide tailored Service Level Agreements.

  • Let our experts carry out an IT needs assessment for your business

    Our team of experts will carry out a needs assessment to get know your business and provide you with a range of suitable deployment options.

    From there, we will supply, install, and support all of your hardware and software needs.

  • Support Services

    Support Services

    Fast, efficient IT support from solutions architecture and provisioning, to ongoing support services.
  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    Safeguard your data and ensure that your systems continue to run, even in the event of a failure.
  • Cloud Services

    Cloud Services

    Improve your organisation’s agility and strengthen your business continuity measures with our cloud offering.
  • Mail Archiving

    Mail Archiving

    Managed mail archiving solutions to protect your business-critical information.
  • IT Security

    IT Security

    Protect your network from end-to-end against the threat of cyber-attacks and downtime.
  • Connectivity


    Reliable, high-speed internet connectivity throughout your organisation.


Contact us  for more information on Professional IT Support Services.